10 reasons to take the plunge and have your very own swimming pool

A swimming pool is a fantastic asset in any home. From providing a location for socialising to helping your family to implement genuine lifestyle change, there are lots of reasons why it makes sense to take the plunge and have your very own swimming pool.

1. You can increase the value of your home

In fact, estimates suggest that adding a swimming pool to your property can increase its value by around 15%. Buyers will pay more for a swimming pool and, for some, it’s a deal breaker.

Have you thought about getting a swim spa for using at home?

Swim spas are an increasingly popular choice for those who want a fitness or relaxation option at home. Smaller than a swimming pool but larger than a hot tub they provide perfect all year round access to water, whether that’s for the purposes of fun, hydrotherapy or improving your exercise regime. If you haven’t thought about a swim spa for your home before then now might be a great time to consider it.

Could sauna use benefit you even in hot summer weather?

We tend to associate saunas with cold climates and cooler seasons. However, while people in Scandinavian countries almost always have a sauna that they use when the temperatures drop, they will also have one at a summerhouse. So, the most sauna-loving nations in the world are using theirs all year round. Why? Because Scandinavians know that sauna use can be beneficial even in hot summer weather.


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