What can a hot tub be used for?

Hot tubs have a reputation for luxury and tend to be associated with beautiful hotel spas or stunning alpine chalets. While there is certainly a place for a hot tub in this kind of environment, the range of ways in which you can use a hot tub also makes it a great choice of amenity to have at home too. Hot tubs can be relaxing, therapeutic and an essential lifestyle choice – if you’re considering one for your home there are many ways in which you’ll be able to use it.

Hot tubs are hydrotherapy

Is it possible to swim in a swim spa?

Swim spas can be incredibly relaxing, a blissful way to chill out after a hard day at work. However, they should not be confused with hot tubs, which are purely for spa activities. A swim spa offers all the benefits of the hot tub but also provides a strong current against which to swim. It’s not only possible to get a great swimming session with a swim spa at home, there are also a number of other ways that you can work out in one too.

Find out how you can use an infrared sauna

Infrared saunas are a great way to de-stress, detox, boost the immune system and even encourage weight loss. They are becoming incredibly popular thanks to the range of health benefits that they offer as well as the enjoyable experience. However, compared to traditional models infrared saunas are still relatively new and not that many people know how to use them. These are our top tips for infrared sauna use.


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