How can you get the benefits of a treadmill at low impact in your swim spa?

Having a swim spa in your home is a great way to bring a wide range of exercise options to your back yard. As well as using a swim spa for swimming training and other activities, such as aqua aerobics, it’s also a better alternative to a traditional treadmill. Using a treadmill provides a way to get fitter, to burn calories and to tone and strengthen muscles. All of these advantages are available if you use your swim spa as a treadmill – with the added benefit of being much lower impact exercise.

Considerations for choosing an enclosure to compliment your swim spa

You’ve made the decision to have a swim spa at home – it’s exciting and you’re looking forward to all the benefits that it will bring. But that’s not necessarily where the decision making process ends. Even if you already know exactly where to place the swim spa, what about the surroundings? There are many reasons why an enclosure could be a good idea for your swim spa, as well as considerations to bear in mind when you’re choosing the right one.


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