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Hydropool Self Cleaning 670

Our most popular & best selling Hot Tub is by far the Hydropool Self Cleaning 670. With a no float moulded lounger and five additional seating options, family fun, entertaining and relaxation are instantly achievable. Benefiting from Hydropool’s unique Self Clean technology filtering 100% of the water within the tub every 15 minutes your upkeep & maintenance is completely hassle free. Hydrotherapy benefits include assistance with arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, stress & anxiety utilising full body wellness programs where you are able to customise your massage. Available for immediate installation in white shell and driftwood cabinet from £12,900/ £1,082.5 PM (12 mnth int. free finance) there is no 6 person hot tub that offers better value for money. Read more >

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6 Person - Self Cleaning 670

View our range of Hydropool Self Cleaning Hot Tubs:

Hydropool Self Cleaning 395

This amazing 3 person Self Cleaning spa offers one dedicated lounger and 2 bucket type seats making it the perfect size for that little hideaway place in your garden. This may be the smallest spa in the Self Cleaning range but you will not be disappointed with its performance or its visual appearance. This low maintenance spa with its Self Cleaning filtration and automatic dosing system is definitely one to consider. It is available in the Gold (30 Jets) model and you can also choose from our extensive range of options and colours to customize your perfect spa. If access is a little tight why not choose our lower level spa in this model measuring only 30" (Less than a normal doorway). Read more >

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3 Person - Self Cleaning 395

Hydropool Self Cleaning 495

This Self Cleaning 495 with its state of the art design comes with two lounger seats and two hydrotherapy seats. This is fairly new in the Self Cleaning range but what a powerful and compact spa this is. All of the hydrotherapy jets are positioned to help create that perfect massage. It is available in the Gold (30 Jets) or the Platinum (40 Jets) model and you can also choose from our extensive range of options and colours to customize your ideal spa. If access is a little tight why not choose our lower level spa in this model measuring only 30" (Less than a normal gateway). Read more >

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4 Person - Self Cleaning 495

Hydropool Self Cleaning 570

The Hydropool Self Cleaning 570 accommodates 5 people. It is composed of 4 body moulded bucket seats and one never float lounger. This model is one of the best-selling tubs across North America and Canada, and has only recently been made available to the rest of Europe. This popularity stems from the fact that 95% of people buying a hot tub for two people seek the opportunity to fit four. The spacious interior and number of seats allows you to sit back and relax after a long day, or have friends and family join you in this wonderful tub in complete comfort. Further to its spacious design, the 570 also features Hydropool’s unique Self Cleaning system. The Self Cleaning system allows you to enjoy the benefits of a hot tub. Filtering 100% of the water in a staggering 15 minutes, the pressurised skimmer clears debris from the surface of the water whilst the patented floor vacuum sucks up anything on the base such as grit and sand. Just sit back, relax and enjoy this superb Hydropool 570 Hot tub in true style. Read more >

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5 Person - Self Cleaning 570

Hydropool Self Cleaning 695

The Self Cleaning 695 is the newest design in the Self Clean family. It has five dedicated multi-level seats with an S shape lounger. All of the jetting in our spas is recessed, making our spas very comfortable indeed. With its unique Self Cleaning and automatic dosing systems you can simply open the cover and start to relax - maintenance and cleaning is a thing of the past! Read more >

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6 Person - Self Cleaning 695

Hydropool Self Cleaning 720

The spacious Hydropool Self Cleaning 720 can comfortably seat up to 7 people. It is the perfect tub for those who have larger families, love to host and socialise or for those who simply like to have a bit more space. Each seat is individually designed, varying in depths and featuring a wide range of jetting zones and layouts. In this 55 jet platinum series tub, you can enjoy a completely personalised hot tub experience.

What’s even better, this stunning tub comes with Hydropool’s patented Self Cleaning system, meaning less maintenance and more time to enjoy! With a pressurised surface skimmer that clears any floating debris and an inbuilt floor vacuum that will clear the finer debris, such as sand and grit, you can enjoy a crystal clear spa for an impressive 365 days a year! Read more >

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7 Person - Self Cleaning 720

Hydropool Self Cleaning 770

The Hydropool Self Cleaning 770 can seat up to 7 people whilst delivering outstanding performance. Hydropool’s 35 years of experience, research and advanced technology, allows you to sit back and relax as the exclusively designed zoned jetting delivers a balanced and soothing massage. Your well-deserved invigorating hot tub experience! This tub is the true definition of style and comfort.

Featuring Hydrowise Triple Thermal Shield Insulation, an in built floor vacuum and a high pressure surface skimmer, be the envy of your friends and family as you unwind whilst reaping the endless benefits of owning one of the World’s only Self Cleaning spas. Read more >

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7 Person - Self Cleaning 770

Hydropool Self Cleaning 790

The Self Cleaning 790 hot tub is dreamy. With its opulent layout designed for supreme comfort and relaxation you will wonder if you ever have to face the real World again! Designed in conjunction with physiotherapists and osteopaths, the Self Cleaning 790 will soothe away your aches and pains. The multi level seating and three lounger design makes this spa perfect for the growing family, or those desiring every inch of your body to be massaged. Read more >

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7 Person - Self Cleaning 790

Hydropool Self Cleaning 970

For the person who wants everything, the truly spacious Hydropool Self-Cleaning 970 is a 9 person hot tub that consists of a never-float lounger, along with a Muskoka-style chair and eight additional seats. This large hot tub has a unique volcano-style jetting system for the feet, plus easy-access, non-slip steps built right into the interior. Read more >

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10 Person - Self Cleaning 970