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AquaPlay 16fX

Product Features

Shell Dimensions:
Volume of Hot Tub:
Weight (Full):
Weight (Empty):
Size Category
Hydrotherapy Seating:

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473 cm x 236.2 cm / 186" x 93"
124.5 cm / 49"
7358 L / 1944 US gal
8474 Kg / 18677 lbs
1116 Kg / 2460 lbs
16 ft

CertificationsThe AquaSport 16ft Swim spa is the ultimate backyard aquatic and fitness centre. This awesome and unique swim spa is guaranteed to provide endless hours of fun and exercise. Use it to surf the waves on a body board, swim against the current, entertain the family or to simply do water aerobics, your options are endless. Incomparably less expensive to run compared to a traditional pool, both your budget and your family will be thrilled with your purchase.

With an advanced filtration system, the Self Cleaning swim spa can impressively filter 100% of the water in only 45 minutes, making it the most energy efficient filtration system in the world. What’s more, the dual core filter, High pressure skimmer and in built floor vacuum means that you can spend less time and money on cleaning and maintenance, and more time enjoying!

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Discover the Unique Patented Self Cleaning Technology


Hydropool Self Cleaning technology

With its in-built floor vacuum, surface skimmer and pressurized micro filtration system, this unique and patented technology allows 100% of the water to be filtered in just 45 minutes!


Your Aqua Park

The ultimate backyard aquatic centre for fitness and fun, our Swim Spas offer a wide variety of add on options such as fitness kits, basketball hoops and aquatic rowing machines, to help you get the most out of your pool.


Pennies a day to run

Our NASA inspired superior insulation enables our Swim Spas to provide 37 degrees Celsius for just pennies a day, maximising energy efficiency and more importantly, saving you money.


The perfect pool, the perfect swim

The wide stream nozzle, buoyancy jet and adjustable swim speed elevates your swim experience and produces a smooth current, to give you the perfect swim.