Can you use your sauna even when it's hot outside?

When it’s cold and dark and you want to warm up, a sauna seems like the ideal choice. However, during the summer when the mercury is rising a home sauna can easily get forgotten about. The benefits of a sauna are just as relevant when it’s warm outside than when it’s cold – in Scandinavia, arguably the spiritual (and physical) home of the sauna, you’ll find saunas at local summer homes, as well as winter residences. That’s because you absolutely should use your sauna even when it’s hot outside.

5 ways that a hot tub can improve emotional wellness

Hot tubs are often pitched as a luxury or an indulgence. However, the reality is that they can have a great practical impact on wellness too, no matter what your lifestyle. Emotional wellness, in particular, is something that many of us regularly neglect as a result of busy lives and a range of stresses and pressures. If you have a hot tub then there are five easy ways to use it to help improve your emotional wellness and to make it more of a priority.

1. An investment in the quality of your sleep


Help reduce stress in young adults with a hot tub

Rates of stress and anxiety are increasing significantly among young people. From academic pressure through to the impact of social media use, there are many influences that can be negative when it comes to how it makes children and young adults feel about themselves and the world around them. As parents, guardians or friends of young adults it’s often challenging to identify ways to help them cope with this stress – a hot tub could help.

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