Get fit with FastLane technology for your pool

Swimming is one of the most popular sporting activities for many good reasons. Just two and a half hours of regular aerobic physical activity per week – such as swimming – can reduce the risk of chronic illness and make you fitter. And when it comes to fitness, swimming is one of the most effective sports for everyone, whether you’re already super fit or you have a few health issues. FastLane technology means that anyone can enjoy the benefits of swimming at home to get fitter and enjoy a healthier life.

How to improve your skin by using your steam room regularly

For many years, steam has shown to be good to your skin as it opens up your pores letting out toxins and impurities. Did you know you can maximise your time in a steam room to get the most for your skin? Consistency is the key to improving the health of your skin with steam. If you were to use your steam room roughly 3 times a week for 15 minutes per session, the health of your skin will improve significantly.

Make the most out of your pool workout by following these tips

Water is by far one of the best fitness tools out there, plus working out is more fun when your splashing around in your own pool. Aquatic exercise can burn fat and they’re healing too, easing arthritis and fibromyalgia. These dynamic workout tips will transform your body and wake up your workouts.

Up your pool game

It is generally assumed ‘swimming’ is simply going back and forth in water unless you are aware of your options. You can make your pool workout as dynamic and fun as you like, you could include interval challenges, or even muscle sculpting exercises.


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