Considerations for choosing the right gazebo for your hot tub

You’ve made the decision to get a hot tub – perhaps you already have one at home – but how do you ensure you can use it whenever you want? The answer for many people is a gazebo. This elegant and practical addition to any outside space provides shade on hot sunny days and shelter from the elements in the winter months. Either way, you get much more from your hot tub when you have a gazebo too. So, how do you find the right one for you?

Can hot tubs help and promote wellness and recovery for athletes?

Hot tubs might seem to be about pure indulgence and luxury. However, they are part of the tradition of hydrotherapy, which has long played an important role in wellness and recovery for athletes. Whether you’re a pro looking for some home therapy, or you’re an amateur athlete seeking to improve performance with better recovery, a hot tub might be the ideal solution.

What benefits are there to a Swim Spa over a Pool?

Swim spa or pool? This is often the question you’ll face if you’re looking for additional recreation or fitness amenities for your home or garden. Both can provide a fun space in which to play, as well as somewhere to cool off during the hotter months of the year. But which one is the right choice for you?

The pool

Bigger means better? Swimming pools have the advantage of being a larger size so if you have a big family and all are likely to want to use it at the same time, it might be the logical choice.


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