Can a hot tub help your new year resolution?

When it comes to new year resolutions those that relate to health and fitness tend to be the most popular. If you opted to set these goals for yourself in 2020 then you’re not alone, as millions of other people have also decided that this is the year to get fitter, slimmer and be more active. Unfortunately, the failure rates for new year resolutions tend to be high – up around the 80 – 90%. However, if you have access to a hot tub then you have a secret weapon that will enable you to better achieve your goals this year. Here’s how:

Can you really lose weight swimming?

When it comes to exercising for weight loss many of us tend to assume the only way to do this is sweating it out on a cross trainer or a running track. However, swimming is actually just as effective as any other type of weight loss activity and also places less stress on joints and bones. You’ll not only burn calories at an impressive rate but swimming also helps to build and tone muscle too.

5 ways your sauna can help with your new year resolution

If your new year’s resolution for 2020 is to lose weight and get in shape then you’re not alone. Millions of people all over the world make this a goal at this time of year and it’s a common theme among both men and women. There are lots of different ways to make sure that you hit this goal – and having a sauna at home can be really useful. Below are 5 ways in which a sauna can help to ensure that 2020 is the year you reach that weight loss goal.


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