6 reasons why your pool is a great calorie burner

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or build muscle, swimming is a very effective way to do it. You can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour in your pool (depending on your stats you have and the exercise that you do) so if you’re looking for a really effective way to shape up you don’t have to put on a pair of trainers to see great results. Below are 6 reasons why we think the pool is a great calorie burner for everyone.

1. Swimming is effective, but low impact, exercise

How can a daily hot tub soak help improve physical wellness?

Hot tubs are a luxury – they are relaxing and indulgent and a great place to socialise. But did you know that a daily hot tub soak goes much further than that? Not only does a hot tub create a blissful spa-like space at home where you can chill out but the impact of the hot tub can also help to improve physical wellness.

A cure for common sleep problems

10 essential water workouts for any skill level

Exercising in water has many benefits. From supported movement that reduces impact on joints, to the increased resistance of working out in water – which is 800 times denser than air – this type of workout suits everyone, including those recovering from injuries and professional athletes. If you’re looking for inspiration for your water workout then here are 10 options to try.

1. Swimming

The simplest and easiest exercise in water is swimming. It can also burn around 500 calories an hour so is a very effective fat burner too.

2. Bicycle


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