Our top tips for swimming in colder months

Many people are increasingly beginning to appreciate the benefits of cold water swimming during the autumn and winter months. From the boost that this can provide to the immune system to the mental and physical sense of wellbeing that can result from a chilly dip, there are many good reasons why you might want to consider venturing into the water in the colder months. If you’re going to do that then these are our top tips for making sure you get the most from the experience.

Health benefits of using a spa

From adding a bit of luxury into your life to creating more space for health and fitness, a spa can make a big difference to your lifestyle. Spas can be somewhere that all the family can engage with each other and also provide an ideal space in which you can relax alone and have some precious quiet time. There is a therapy aspect to spa use too, helping to calm frayed nerves and make it easier to wind down after a hard day. And, in addition to all of that, there are also a number of great health benefits that can result from using a spa.

Top 5 ways using a hot tub can benefit you this autumn

Autumn can be one of the most relaxed seasons of the year. It’s often a time when the kids have gone back to school, the stress of summer travel is over and your social life might be a little less hectic than during the summer when the nights are longer. If you have a hot tub at home then there are a number of ways that you can use it to help get the most from this season.


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