How can your Softub become part of your holiday home?

Whether your holiday home is in the majestic beauty of the Swiss Alps or the tropical landscapes of the Seychelles, your Softub has a lot to add to how you experience a vacation property. It’s often only after enjoying the benefits of a Softub elsewhere that holiday homeowners realise just how appealing a Softub as part of a holiday property really is. If you’re keen to enhance your holiday experience then it’s worth looking into how your Softub can become part of your holiday home.

How are saunas good for your heart health?

If you’ve been in a sauna then you’ve experienced that feel good factor you get after a relaxing session. Saunas have many benefits for skin and circulation and can also aid relaxation and sleep. Now, a study from the University of Eastern Finland has also established that spending time in a sauna could actually have the same positive benefits as exercise when it comes to heart health.


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