Science in your sauna... how does it work?

Sometimes the best way to test whether something is good for you is just to try it. If you’ve ever tried sinking into the warmth of a sauna after a hard day at work you’ll know just how wonderful and relaxing it feels. However, the effect of a sauna isn’t just that pure bliss feeling – it can also have an impact in a number of other ways that have more of a scientific basis.


4 exercises to do in your swim spa to get fit for 2019

The new year is upon us and for many people that means setting new personal goals for 2019. If getting fit is at the top of your agenda this year then your swim spa can help you to achieve that essential lifestyle change. Whether you’ve got existing injuries that need careful management, or you just need a more supported way to exercise, working out in your swim spa is a great way to get fit for 2019.

Which best suits your requirements - a sauna or steam room?

Both saunas and steam rooms have a number of health benefits and can provide a relaxing experience, whether you’ve just completed a workout or you’re looking to switch off after a hard day. In terms of installation, experience and positive lifestyle impact, there are advantages to either option so which one is the best for your individual requirements?



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