Hot Tubs and the Benefits for Autism Sufferers

In a recent post, we discussed how hot tubs can help with diabetes by helping to help manage the symptoms. There is also very strong evidence to suggest that other afflictions can benefit from the soothing and calming effects that water can have on the human body and brain. Studies have been done on the benefits of hydrotherapy on individuals who suffer from the debilitating disease of autism. What is autism exactly? Autism is a neurological and biological developmental delay that typically rears its ugly head around the first three years of life. Speech and developmental delays are usually noticed around this time in children who are afflicted by autism.

The primary symptoms of autism are the following: little or no facial expressions, no smiling or laughing by six months of age; no response to the calling of the child’s name by 12 months of age; little or no “baby talk” or babbling after the 12 month mark; no spoken words by age 16 months; no two sentence words by the age of 2 years.

If you have a child who exhibits any or all of these typical symptoms, please have your child assessed by a health care professional to be sure that autism is not the issue.

Also, this is not an exhaustive list of the symptoms that can manifest themselves in autistic children. A lack of social skills, eye contact and sensitivity to light and sound can also indicate autism or a related disorder.

The benefits of hydrotherapy for autism sufferers are widely known and accepted. One of the primary benefits of hydrotherapy for autistic individuals is the sensory processing assistance that it can provide. Autistic children have a very difficult time in staying focussed and the warm water can calm the child and help to ease the overloaded senses that autism creates.

The social skills cannot be overlooked either. A typical trait of autism is the inability to interact in a social setting. The fact that hydrotherapy can be done in small groups allows the autistic child the opportunity to interact with other children in an environment that helps them to be calm and avoid the sensory overload that being around other children can create in the autistic child.

These are just a few of the ways the hydrotherapy can assist an autistic child. There are others and they deserve as much recognition and research as these examples. Do as much research as you can if you have a child who suffers from autism.

Early intervention is crucial in the treatment of autism. Talk to a health care professional if you have any concerns.

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