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Easy-Roll Safe Covers for Hot Tubs, Swim Spas & Pools

Features of our “Easy-Roll Safe Cover”:

  • Easy to use, easy to remove, easy to install! Unlike conventional swim spa covers, our cover just rolls off and stores at one end of your swim spa in just seconds.
  • The cover is uniquely designed to be un-rolled in either direction and is ideal for daily use with regular rolling. Just one person can roll it to either end from inside the swim spa or from outside the swim spa! Most other swim spa covers are more challenging to use alone, and therefore the swim spa gets used less frequently and mainly in better weather!
  • Manufactured from the very highest quality, commercial grade and durable materials this cover will last for many years both residentially and commercially
  • Our covers are manufactured in the USA to withstand all weathers and are built to last many years of continual use. Compare this to traditional swim spa covers which require replacing every few years at great expense to you
  • Most importantly these are extremely effective at heat retention, and are far superior to other cover solutions, saving you money on energy and running costs
  • They are lockable for safeguarding your family and pets, offering you peace of mind
  • It is designed for all climates and the cover creates a complete seal on top of the swim spa. The frame will hold extreme snow loads and it has a UV protection against deterioration in harsh sunlight. You can therefore easily use your swim spa all year round, whatever the weather!

The three key features:

1. One person “speedy” accessibility- so you can relax and benefit from your aqua therapy and fitness

2. Energy efficiency – saving you on running costs and enabling all year round inexpensive use

3. Strength and longevity – a durable and lockable cover that will last you years

We are Green & Better for the Environment

Our covers are made from closed cell foam insulation that will not absorb water like a conventional cover so will reduce the amount of heat escaping to the environment.

Dual Temperature Cover

Dual temperature swim spa owners also love our cover as it is perfect for rolling back the pool side for daily swimming, or the spa side for nightly relaxation!

Made-to-measure for all models

In summary, the “Easy- Roll Safe Cover” is a simple and effective one piece swim spa cover, designed for easy and speedy all year round use!

Great pricing for hot tubs and swim spas

Priced from only £1,495 for hot tubs and £3,195 for swim spas, and also available made-to-measure for pools.