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Affordable Luxury Hot Tubs

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The Atlantis Hot Tub

With this hot tub having 3 individual pumps for extra pressure across its 46 jets, Bluetooth connectivity enabled sound system, 15 LED light bulbs & an ozone generator in addition to a standard filter to added health benefits it is no wonder that so many of our customers have decided to purchase the Atlantis. This 6 person Hot Tub benefits from a moulded lounger and the remaining 5 seats having individually configured massage jet locations to enable a full body massage. Read more >

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Wellis Jupiter Hot Tub

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The Explorer Hot Tub

Our Explorer hot tub provides enough room for as many as 5 people, and its 2x2 meter size will comfortably fit in your home. The MySeat™ feature provides perfectly comfortable seating for both men and women. Moreover, one of the seats is equipped with the MyJets™ design, which relieves neck and shoulder pains. Read more >

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Wellis Pluto Hot Tub

The Harmony Hot Tub

Thanks to its round design, this is a perfect place for a pleasant conversation with friends or family. Our 5-person Harmony model includes an ozone water sanitizer system, LED color therapy lighting, and 4 air inlet regulators for controlling the massage intensity for each seat. Due to its energy-efficient design, its operational costs are low. Read more >

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Wellis Earth Hot Tub

The Imperial Hot Tub

If you have limited space, but you insist on the advantages that a 5-person hot tub can offer, choose the Imperial model. This model is characterized by straight lines and offers a surprisingly intense massage experience – yet still requires only a very small space. The Imperial hot tub is one of our best offers in this category in terms of value for money. Read more >

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Wellis Sun Family Hot Tub

The Serene Hot Tub

Our Serene hot tub is spacious enough to include one seat and two recliners, but it is still small enough to fit almost anywhere – on a shady terrace, or in a slightly bigger bathroom. Due to its 70 cm height, this model easily fits through a normal front door. Its Plug&Play system ensures easy connection. Read more >

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Wellis Sun Hot Tub