Saunas and Steam Rooms

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The ultimate effect of a dry sauna and a steam room is very similar. They both induce sweating, increase your heart rate and elevate your body temperature; providing endless benefits.

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However, the effect of breathing dry sauna air or wet steam is very different for the respiratory system and many people find that the moisture of the air can have different effects on the skin. In a steam room the humidity level is 100%, which can be highly beneficial for respiratory conditions. On the other hand, both dry and wet saunas increase circulation to the surface of the skin and cause you to sweat and your core body temperature to rise. In turn, your blood vessels will dilate, resulting in increased blood flow, clearer skin and the removal of toxins. So whether you prefer dry or moist heat, The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company can help to bring a piece of luxury to your home to help you relax and reap the endless benefits of owning one of these superb wellness products.



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