Pool After Care Service

Swimming Pool After Sales Care

Pools get the same specialised services from us that our hot tubs and swim spas do. We offer routine servicing and maintenance with the option of an Annual Service Contract to ensure you spend your time enjoying your pool, rather than cleaning and testing it.

We can work with your diary and lifestyle to determine the best maintenance schedule for your swimming needs; complete repairs when and if needed including replacement parts, leak analysis and tile and liner repair as well as correction of any issues stemming with heaters, filters, etc.

Because pools are constructed from various materials, the chemicals used to keep swim water pristine can vary. We know the optimum chemicals and chemical ratios that will protect you and your investment.

Water care is paramount; we use (and stock if you prefer to handle maintenance) only approved chemicals to maintain the proper chemical balance in your swim environment. If you have been considering installing more energy efficient heating or filtration systems, speak to us as we have the answers!

Also if you have considered an effective salt water or a supplementary ozone disinfection system to deactivate waterborne pathogens, we are more than happy to walk you through what is involved and install the system.

We stock or bespoke order a range of pool covers and enclosures to suit your pool. At our showroom we display a working pool safety cover which can be added to an existing pool, or a new build. Ask our specialist consultants for more details.