Hot Tubs Chlorine Care Guide

Looking After Your Spa

Your privately owned spa is designed to give you many years of relaxation and enjoyment. All that is needed is to carry out some quick and simple tests. Test the water at frequent intervals (initially on a daily basis) using test strips. The measures and products overleaf will maximise the life of your spa, to ensure optimum sanitisation and water safety to ensure the highest levels of comfort are maintained. We recommend that you always shower before entering the spa to clear your body of the majority of skin creams or hair products. Washing your bathing clothes in warm water (without the use of detergent) is also recommended.

Now relax and enjoy!

Chlorine spa care guide

Please follow these simple steps below to retain safe and clean water:

  • The more regularly you check, the better the clarity and cleanliness of your water so it lasts longer
  • Never mix chemicals – do 1 at a time.
  • Dissolve in warm spa water, or slowly sprinkle into spa.
  • Run jets for 15 mins without air after adjusting chemicals and leave cover off during this time.
  • Remove pillows when shocking water.
  1. Use your water treatment TEST STRIPS, on a daily basis. Dip one test strip into the water in your spa and hold it under water 2” for a couple of seconds. Take the readings within the first 15 seconds to achieve as accurate a reading as possible on your test strip.
  2. Check the PH VALUE on your test strip, an ideal pH is 7.0 to 7.2. When in this range you will obtain maximum chlorine efficiency. If the pH increases or decreases from within this range the chlorine efficiency will fall significantly.  The pH is important for optimum bather comfort and crucially prevention of scale formation or acid erosion.  Adjust levels if necessary using pH Plus (EzPlus) to raise the pH or pH Minus (EzDown) to lower the pH level. Using 1 small scoop (approx 1 tablespoon) will adjust your pH level approximately one ‘square’ on your test strips in an average 5 seater spa.
  3. Once the pH has been checked, and rectified if necessary, then check and adjust the CHLORINE value. Use approximately 3 Chlorine Tablets (EzPucks) and feed these into your dispenser. You may need to adjust the number depending on your own personal usage (3 is just a guide).  The more the spa is used, the more bacteria will be present and therefore the more chlorine will be needed and used.  The ‘ideal’ chlorine levels are about 3 – 5ppm. The chlorine levels will gradually fall over time as the bacteria is killed.  This level will normally be replenished by the tablets in your dispenser, but if your chlorine levels are low, or prolonged bathing occurs, use Chlorine Granules to instantly ‘bump up’ your reading. Also increase the opening on your tablet dispenser to allow more slow release chlorine.
  4. Alongside checking both the pH and chlorine, check and adjust, if necessary, your alkalinity level. Alkalinity is a measure of your water’s ability to neutralise acids.  It’s an important part of balancing your pH levels and is often called a “buffer” because it helps water resist drastic changes in pH.  Alkalinity can be increased by using Alkalinity increaser (EzBuffer), or reduced using dissolved pH minus (EzDown) which is dosed into the deepest part of the spa without the jets turned on. 
  5. We recommend you oxidise your spa water with NON CHLORINE SHOCK and treat the water with STAIN AND SCALE INHIBITOR on a weekly basis. We recommend approximately 2 level tablespoons of Non Chlorine Shock and 4 caps of Stain and Scale inhibitor for an average five seater hot tub. On top of this we would recommend that you use a SUPERCHLORINATED SHOCK once a month in place of a Non Chlorine shock. This will kill ALL bacteria leaving the water sparkling.
  6. We recommend you clean your filter and skimmer basket once a week. Clean your filter using your hose, filter cleaner and spray between the folds to wash away any debris that has been caught within them.  If you have a dual core filter it is especially important that the inner filter is kept very clean as the filtration is so efficient if it becomes too dirty it can restrict water flow through it.  We recommend using Instant filter cleaner (Ez-Instant Filter Nu), or for heavy use, use a Spa cartridge cleaner (EzFilter Nu) and a soaking canister on a monthly basis ensuring that your filter remains as clean and effective as possible. This will prolong the life of your filter, and spa water 
  7. Other chemicals such as anti-foam (bubble burst), clarifier (Ez Clear), vinyl cleaner & restorer only use “as required”.

We suggest you drain the spa water completely every 12 weeks. Feel free to do this sooner if the water is very cloudy, has had heavy usage or you have just had a party!

We would recommend you empty the water completely once a year. You must shock with 2 tablespoons of Non chlorine shock and half a bottle of EZsystem flush before emptying. Run the jets (without air) for 15 minutes or longer and then empty the spa. Rinse with fresh water & replace filter with a new one. Once the spa has been re-filled, shock again with 2 tablespoons of Non chlorine shock, add 4 capfuls of Stain and Scale Inhibitor, 1 tablespoons of Chlorine granules and replenish tablets in the chlorinator. Again run the jets (without air) for 15 minutes. Then follow the suggested care instructions as shown above.

Available Products, as recommended & approved by Hydropool

Vinyl Restorer & Protector – this is used on your hot tub cover, pillows & dials. It has UV protection and added water repellency when used regularly this prolongs the life of your cover, pillows & dials. Put on a soft cloth to apply.

Ezbubble-burst – this product is used to remove excessive and unsightly foaming in your tub. Typically, you may use 1 capful per dose.

EzTilex - this product cleans the waterline in your hot tub, it has been specifically formulated to breakdown deposits found on the fabric of the spa shell. Put on a soft cloth to apply

EzSystem Flush – this product is formulated to internally clean the pipe work and fittings. It will loosen biofilms which could potentially harbour bacteria. We recommend you use this before draining your swim spa.

EzFilterNu (soak) – this is a spa filter cleaner blended to remove oils, minerals, organic matter and dirt from the filter helping the filter operate at its optimum. Regular use extends the lifetime of the filter.

Ez-instant filter Nu (spray) – this popular product offers a quick solution to cleaning cartridge filters. The unique trace dye shows where you have sprayed so you can ensure complete coverage of the filter.

EzClear – Spa sparkle restores sparkling clarity to the water as the product binds all the small particles together allowing them to be removed via the filter.

Insta-test 4 test strips – test strips to gain readings on your chlorine, pH and alkalinity levels as well as test your water hardness.

EzPlus – used to balance your pH when it is lower than the recommended levels. Using 1 scoop (approx. 1 tablespoon) will increase your pH one square on your test strip.

EzDown – used to balance your PH and alkalinity when it is higher than the recommended levels. Using 1 scoop (approx. 1 tablespoon) will decrease your pH one square on your test strip

Ezbuffer – used to balance your alkalinity levels when they are lower than your recommended levels.

EzOxyshock –will break down organic contaminants and unfilterable waste which can result in unpleasant smells and odours, also improve the efficiency of bromine sanitiser. Use this when water is cloudy but there is a chlorine reading.

Superchlorinator shock pot – breaks down organic contaminants and kills bacteria leaving the hot tub sparkling. Good after heavy use of tub.

EzPucks – specifically formulated slow – release chlorine tablets formulated for the sanitization of your spa water.

EzChlor – rapidly dissolving chlorine granules formulated for the sanitization of your spa water. Can be used alongside Chlorine tablets for a boost to your sanitiser reading or used on its own for a total Chlorine reading. They have a minimal effect on your pH.

Remember to ask us about our Award Winning after sales team taking care of the maintenance and cleaning of your spa. We offer affordable visits from every week to once a year.

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