Hydropool AquaPlay 12FFP Swim Spa

GB Olympic Swimmers continue to train at home for Tokyo 20201 in their Hydropool self cleaning swim spas... all installed during the current UK lock down.

Hydropool AquaPlay 12 FFP

The ideal pool for garden based fitness, fun and exercise! The 12FFP AquaPlay swim spa will more than suite any active lifestyle. The model features two swim jets that mimic the natural resistance of water to help you get the most out of your swim or workout. The contoured seating and massaging jets offer built-in hydrotherapy and relaxation. At only 12’ long this swim spa is perfect if space is tight and with 5 hydrotherapy seats you can get the benefits of family fun and wellness from hot tub combined with the exercise advantages of a swim spa.

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Product Features

AquaPlay 12FFP
Dimensions (mm):
3810 x 2362
Height (mm):
Weight (Empty):
Weight (Full):
Size Category:
Hydrotherapy Seating:
Lilly Pad Skim Filter:
Programmable Filtration Cycles:
High Flow SlipStream Swim Jets:
Back Therapy Jets:
Reflexology Therapy Foot Jets:
Total Therapy Jets:
Cascading Waterfall Jets:
Underwater LED Safety Lighting:
2 speed pump & Aquaboost pump:
x2 4HP
Heater output:
EZ-Ultra Pure Ozone System:
PureWater System:
Aquacord Swim Tether:
Aqua Fitness Package:
Rowing Kit:
48" Exercise Bar (left side only):
In Stock Immediate Installation Option:
Shell Colour:
Silver Marble
Cabinet Colour:

Self-Clean Technology

The Hydropool range of Swim Spas are the World’s easiest Swim Spas to maintain. The Patented Self-Cleaning systems cleans 100% of the water every 40 minutes, that’s an incredible 3 times every 2 hours. This allows you and your family use of your Swim Spa with as minimal effort, maintenance and work possible – meaning you can enjoy the benefits with absolute peace of mind.

Optimised surface filtration from the design of the seats and strategically places jets creating a continuous flow of water pushing any debris towards the high flow skimmer. You will be wasting any time with a net cleaning your Swim Spa. The high flow skimmer & pre-filter removes any oils, debris and clogging from the water before going into the pumps & heaters. The pressurised Micro-Filter with a removable core, there after adds an additional filtration level, cleaning the water every 40 minutes removing any odours from the water. Cleverly situated to allow for easy access if required and out of site from bathers using the Swim Spa the ergonomic design personifies optimum functionality whilst maximising on aesthetically and experience. In addition, the HydroClean Floor vacuum automatically cleans across the floor of the Swim Spa removing anything like dirt & grit, whilst also due to the added flow ensures water treatment products are effectively circulated.

Self Cleaning Swim Spas
Self Cleaning Swim Spas
Self Cleaning Swim Spas
Self Cleaning Swim Spas

Exercise & Fitness

Fitness & exercise possibilities from your Swim Spa are by no means limited to swimming. The water currents created from patented jets can be utilised like a treadmill for a hydrotherapeutic running program and due to being in water, is low impact delivering a big difference in your overall fitness. The AquaPro control comes with programs for Hill Climb & Interval Training programs as standard. Whether your training regime is for swimming or running you can control the current speed from the jets with up to 10 variations of speed allowing use at novice level all the way through to professional competition standard.

Our Aquatic Cross Training programs and kits are also a great way to bring the traditional gym workout into your garden with the added benefits of water. Exercises using water pressure in a Swim Spa puts less strain on your heart by moving blood around your entire body. Use the WaterWatch to monitor, track and motivate through your training program with a simple easy to use interface to optimise your results. The WaterWatch has been designed specifically with our customer’s everyday experience in mind: W – wear your coach on your wrist, A – analyse your performance, T – track your distance, C – compete against others, H – heart rate monitoring with feedback.

No matter if used for family fun or personal fitness goals or commercially by physiotherapist, personal trainers, recovery programs & professional athletes, our Swim Spas offer one of the most versatile, efficient, interactive and enjoyable programs for home use and all with the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Installing your Swim Spa

Having been one of the largest installers of Swim Spas in the UK for many years, here at the Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company we have experienced every variation possible when installing a Swim Spa. This means you have complete peace of mind that our experienced team are able to ensure your dream becomes a reality whether you garden is sloped, ground work is needed, cranes are required – we have the expertise to facilitate, plan in advance and make sure there are no hidden surprises, meaning your purchase is hassle free, your project runs smoothly, no unforeseen problems and you can enjoy your perfect pool with your family and friends without any stress or effort as we take care of everything for you.

Swim Spa Installation
Swim Spa Installation
Swim Spa Installation

Ease of Use

We know the importance of ensuring that use of your Swim Spa is easy as possible. This is why at the Hot Tub and Swim Spa company we have the options of both the Rollaway Spa Cover and also the Cover Lift Assister meaning your Hydrowise Heat Shield insulated cover by can easily maneuverer by someone of any age, strength & mobility in a safe, quick and easy fashion without causing you any concerns.

Swim Spa Cover
Swim Spa Cover

Alternative Choices

Not found the right swim spa for you? Do not worry, we have over 30 models available. See the rest of our range to find the right swim spa for you here.

Aftercare & Servicing

Want to know what is required to maintain and run your Swim Spa? With the Hot Tub and Swim spa Company you don’t need to worry as our award winning service, maintenance, upkeep and repair team have you covered. Click here to find out more about aftercare, support and servicing.

Is your Swim Spa purchase and installation part of a larger project? With the Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company you do not need to worry about having several contractors, our customers are provided with a trusted, one point of contact, all-encompassing service created individually for each client. Whether a gazebo, ground work, landscaping, patio, decking, outdoor kitchen or shower, extensions or any anything else you desire, our qualified & experienced staff has got you covered. For more information about building works & enclosures click here.

25 Lifetime Achievement Awards

Our 2019 & 2018 European & UK awards:

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