Hydropool AquaTrainer Swim Spas

GB Olympic Swimmers continue to train at home for Tokyo 20201 in their Hydropool self cleaning swim spas... all installed during the current UK lock down.

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Hydropool AquaTrainer 17fX

It is no wonder that within the AquaTrainer range the 17fX is our most popular unit. Due to being 17’ long the versatile SwimSpa offers more flexibility than the smaller pools whilst not having the size constraints of the larger models. With 2 moulded therapy seats with 20 jets you are able to get the perfect combination of massage, exercise and family fun all in one unit. Read more >

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AquaTrainer 17fX

Full Range - Hydropool AquaTrainer Swim Spas:

Hydropool AquaTrainer 14fX

The AquaTrainer 14fX has the same shell design as the AquaSport but improved swim jet power. With two upgraded high performance wide stream swim jets and one core buoyancy jet you’ll enjoy the best swimming experience imaginable. Treat yourself with the relaxing hydrotherapy massage jets in the seating area after your workout! Read more >

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AquaTrainer 14fX

Hydropool AquaTrainer 16fX

The 16ft AquaTrainer Swim Spa is the perfect pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all in one! It allows you to swim, jog, exercise, play or relax in one of the hydrotherapy massage seats, the choice is yours. Important things in life - spending time looking after your family and wellbeing! Read more >

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AquaTrainer 16fX

Hydropool AquaTrainer 19DTfX

The ultimate back garden aquatic centre and the perfect pool for the perfect swim. Our AquaTrainer 19 DTfX swim spa has dual temperature settings and is equipped with wide stream swim jets, recessed jetting, LED lighting and safety steps. It is a hot tub, gym and swimming pool all in one! Read more >

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AquaTrainer 19DTfX