Hot Tub Packages

The Ascot Package - Starting from £9,995.00

Ascot Gazebo

This 2.5m square, beautiful wooden gazebo

Serenity 5 Hot Tub

This Serenity 5 hot tub, 5 person special addition spa. Available in Espresso and Driftwood Dura

The Redwood Package - Starting from £13,650.00

Redwood Gazebo

This redwood gazebo with bar & matching stools

Serenity 6000 Gold Hot Tub

This Serenity 6000 Gold hot tub, 6 person spa in Alpine mist and Espresso Dura.

The Paradise Oriental & 670 Package - Starting from £17,495.00

Paradise Oriental Gazebo

This stylish and modern gazebo, versatile to suit most garden designs

Self Cleaning 670 Gold Hot Tub

This Self Cleaning 670 Gold hot tub, 6 person spa in Black Opal and Driftwood upgraded with the tranquillity package.

The Cobham Package - Starting from £18,495.00

Cobham Gazebo

This wooden, private gazebo with single glazed windows and french doors.

Serenity 5000 Platinum Hot Tub

This Serenity 5000 Platinum hot tub, 5 person spa in Tuscan Sun and Cedar, upgraded cabinet and Deluxe LED and garden lighting.

The Riviera Package - Starting from £27,995.00

Riviera Gazebo

This stunning riviera building with a large window, blinds, sliding doors and comfortable cream cushions.

Self Cleaning 495 Hot Tub

This Self Cleaning 495 hot tub, 4 person spa in Midnight Canyon and Cedar.

The Keston Package - Starting from £44,995.00

Keston Gazebo

This beautiful and spacious Keston Gazebo

Self Cleaning 790 Hot Tub

This Self Cleaning 790 hot tub, 7 person spa with unique double lounger in Alpine Mist and Cedar, upgraded with Northern Falls and the Tranquillity package.